by | Apr 14, 2021 | FTM Travel Info

As travel opens up again, many people are choosing to explore this great country of ours.  One of the most popular destinations is Arizona – it truly has something for everyone!  It is home to over 300 golf courses and numerous world-renowned spas.  There’s snow skiing at some resorts.   If hiking is your thing, there are top-rated trails through mountainous and desert geography.  You can see old west reenactments in Tombstone.  Of course, one of the most amazing National Parks, Grand Canyon, is located in northern Arizona.

Phoenix is a great jumping off point for your visit.  From there, it’s a short hop to Scottsdale which is a true desert paradise.  Phoenix and Scottsdale both offer a wide range of accommodations.  While there are resorts to fit any budget, their luxury resorts are among the finest our country has to offer.   Over 200 of the state’s golf courses are in this area, and Scottsdale has more spas per capita than any other US city.  If you enjoy beautiful architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Tailesin West is near Scottsdale.

Sedona is another great Arizona destination.  It is famous for both its red rock geography – it’s stunning! – and for its art community.  There are numerous art galleries, new age shops and other fun businesses to explore.  There is great hiking just outside town, and jeep tours are a fun way to explore the beautiful scenery.  A sunrise hike among the red rocks is an experience you’ll never forget!

Finally, the Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s Arizona checklist.  Guided tours by park rangers are available as well as mule tours, hike and boating.  There is a variety of lodging nearby but if you wish to stay in one of the lodges along the rim of the canyon you must book years in advance with one major exception.   Many tour companies have blocks of rooms at the lodges, and a stay there is included in your tour eliminating the need to book years in advance.

A brief word about joining a group tour for your Arizona trip…..I’ve personally taken one of these tours and for me it’s the way to go!  My particular tour visited the Grand Canyon as well as Monument Valley and Arches National Park in Utah.  The window of my Grand Canyon lodge room was yards from the rim of the canyon.  These tours often offer unique experiences you might not get on your own.  There are several great companies – you can select a set itinerary or we can help you create your own.  (Similar tours are available in other states as well.)

Perhaps you want to spend your time at a luxury resort filling your day with golf, shopping and spa treatments.   Or perhaps you want an active vacation with off-roading, mountain biking or white water rafting.  You may want to tour the state’s diverse locations on your own or with a tour group.  However you like to travel, Arizona has something for everyone!