Building a Droid at Droid Depot

by | Jan 27, 2022 | FTM Travel Info

My six-year-old son has been begging to build a droid at Droid Depot at Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a long time, and his dream finally came true! 

The first step in this process is to book a reservation through your My Disney Experience Account. Choose the date and time of your reservation. You’ll need a credit card to reserve your reservation, but you won’t be charged until you check out at Droid Depot. If you choose to cancel or change the date and time of your reservation, this must be done 24 hours in advance of your scheduled time to avoid any charges. Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation. The cost to build a droid is $99.99 plus tax. This includes a carry box (when available) and the instructions. This experience is recommended for children at least three years of age. One adult may accompany a child during the droid building process. One person must be at least 14 years old. 

Now the excitement begins! When you arrive to Droid Depot at Black Spire Outpost within Galaxy’s Edge, follow the walkway to the check in counter. When we were there, it wasn’t that busy, so we walked right up and gave them my son’s name. Then you get to choose if you would like to make a R-Unit Droid (such as R2-D2) or a BB-Unit (such as BB-8). My son chose a R-Unit Droid. The Cast Member will then ask if you would like to add on a personality chip or any other accessories to your droid for an additional cost. We declined these options but were told if we wanted to add any later, we could. Then, we were escorted to the Parts Station! There is a rotating conveyer belt with lots of droid parts to choose from in different colors. If you choose to create a BB Series Unit, you will choose a dome, dome connection plate, body sphere and motivator. If you choose to create a R2 Series Unit, you will choose a dome, body, center leg and a set of side legs. You can choose pieces and colors that would make your droid look exactly like BB-8 or R2-D2, or you can make your droid completely unique!  

Once you’ve chosen all the parts for your droid, you will walk to the Build Station. There are simple instructions to follow the sequence of building your droid. There is a Cast Member there to guide you! After your droid is assembled, the Cast Member will match your droid with a remote control that is programmed just for you. The Cast Member will teach you how to use the remote control, and you can see your droid in action right away!  

Droids are not permitted to be used anywhere in the Disney parks except for a padded flat area located right outside Droid Depot where you can try out your new companion. You might spot Chewbacca, Rey, a Storm Trooper or two, so be on the lookout!

My son absolutely loved this experience! As soon as we walked out, he wanted to try out his droid on the padded flat area provided right outside Droid Depot alongside other new droid owners. Upon arriving back to our room at Saratoga Springs Resort, his new droid, which he affectionately named W7-Q7, came right out and was tested again, and again, and again. We carried on his new droid on the airplane home and W7-Q7 has been played with every day since! 

I’ve assisted many of my clients with booking Droid Depot reservations, and they’ve all shared their children really enjoyed this experience as well! I recommend scheduling an appointment later in the day, so you won’t have to carry your droid around the parks all day. If you have a Park Hopper Ticket, you can always stop by your Disney resort to drop off your droid on your way to your next park. This is what we did, and it worked great!

Your new droid makes the perfect souvenir from your trip! The whole droid building process only takes about 15-20 minutes once you check in, but the memories with your new droid will last a lifetime!