Calling all sports enthusiasts!!!!

by | Jun 15, 2022 | FTM Travel Info

Have you ever dreamed of watching your favorite baseball team play in the World Series? How about your college football team playing for a national championship? Or how about sitting amongst the azaleas in full bloom at the Masters? For many of us, events like this are once in a lifetime! 

I have been fortunate to see my beloved Kansas City Royals win game one of the 2015 World Series and watched my Nebraska Cornhuskers take on Miami for the 2001 National Championship in the Rose Bowl…and I’m hoping to catch Bubba Watson win the Masters in the near future! What made these trips even better was experiencing the surrounding areas and taking in the local culture.

What if you could turn your once in a lifetime sporting event into a full-blown vacation you will never forget? Well…that’s what your friends at FTM Travel can do for you!


Remember my beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers I mentioned earlier? Our 2022 season opener takes place in Dublin, Ireland!

For years, my husband and I have dreamed of strolling through quaint seaside towns, feeling the ocean breeze as we stand upon the Cliffs of Moher, being awestruck by historic castles nestled among the green landscape that is synonymous with Ireland. Throw in a pint of Guinness and a round of golf and our dream trip would be complete!

Well, this dream is about to be reality! Pairing my favorite football team with a tour of Ireland was an opportunity we could not pass up! Whether international or domestic, FTM Travel is here to help you create your own amazing sport-event-turned-full-on-vacation experience!


Be sure to check back soon as my husband and I share highlights from our Ireland dream trip! We can’t wait to share the excitement with you!

Cheering on my Huskers! So glad my husband and I have the same team colors!

2001 Rose Bowl – Lobby of the Beverly Hills Hilton

2015 World Series Game One – Kauffman Stadium

Kendra and Mom at the 2001 Rose Bowl National Championship Football Game