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by | May 20, 2020 | Dining, Disney

Downloadable PDFs

These PDFs explain in detail what is included in each dining plan option:

  • Quick Service Plan
  • Dining Plan
  • Dining Plan Plus
  • Deluxe Dining Plan

Click here to download a folder with all four PDFs!

Disney Dining Plan 

Your dining plan includes a certain number of meal and snack entitlements based on the plan you have purchased and the number of nights you are staying. If we look at the Disney Dining Plan as an example, a 5 night stay would give guests 3 and older on the reservation 5 Table Service, 5 Quick Service and 10 snack credits as well as 1 refillable mug.  The dining plan credits are pooled and you may use them as you wish; you are not limited to using a certain number per day.  Example: if you want to use 3 snack credits each in one day, you can!  

You will redeem your dining credits with your Magic Band.  Please make note of the 4 digit PIN code you selected for charges during check in. You will need that 4 digit code for every dining credit redemption and purchase. After you redeem a dining credit, your remaining entitlements will be printed on your receipt. You can also track your dining credits through your My Disney Experience app, which will activate on your check in day. 

Table-Service Meal                                                                     

Each (adult or child) table-service meal includes: 

  • 1 entrée 
  • 1 dessert* (lunch and dinner only) *Ask your server about potential substitutions. 
  • 1 single-serving, non-alcoholic beverage or Alcoholic Beverage for Guests 21 and older


  • 1 full buffet or Family-Style Meal with non-alcoholic beverage or Alcoholic Beverage for Guests 21 and older     

Quick-Service Meal

  • 1 entrée 
  • 1 single-serving, non-alcoholic beverage or Alcoholic Beverage for Guests 21 and older


Examples include Ice Cream, bakery items, beverages, popcorn, Epcot festival snacks… items are marked with the purple and white DDP emblem on menus and in stores. 

Resort Refillable Mug  

You can pick up your mug (for those 3 and over) at your resort food court after check in.  You are entitled to unlimited free refills on fountain drinks, coffee, and tea from self-service beverage locations, including your pool’s serving station, at your Disney resort for the length of your stay.

Children 3 – 9

Children ages 3-9 must order from a Children’s Menu where available unless you are on the Deluxe plan.

Guests of Mickey – Children 2 and under

There is no charge for children under 3 who share from an adult’s plate at table service or quick service restaurants.  However, you will be charged the menu price if you order a meal for a child under 3.


Gratuity for Table Service meals is not included in the Disney Dining Plan. When you are presented with your bill, your charges will show as if you were not on a dining plan. Base your tip on this amount.  Parties of six or more will automatically be assessed an 18% gratuity with their meal. 

Your receipt will track the number of dining credits you have left.  You can also track your Dining Credits through your My Disney Experience app. This feature will be active on your check in day. Your dining plan credits begin on your check in day and expire at midnight on your check out day. You may use them any way you like during your stay!  


  • 1 Quick Service credit can be exchanged for 3 snacks as long as it is done in one transaction.  
  • 1 Table Service credit can be used for 1 Quick Service credit.

Changing or Canceling a Dining Reservation 

To change or cancel a dining reservation, call (407) 939-3463, go to Guest Services in the park or the concierge staff at your resort. A major credit card is required to guarantee reservations at all locations. Reservations must be cancelled at least one day before the scheduled seating or a cancellation charge of $10 per person may be incurred!!   If you need to cancel a reservation on the day of your scheduled meal, please call the number above or go to Guest Services. 

You can also place a Mobile Order for select Quick Service restaurants and snack options.  Use your app to select Mobile Food Orders then select the dining location you would like to order from. It is easy and very convenient!  You can pay with dining credits or charge to the card linked to your account.   If you are using credits, be sure to select that option when ordering!