Girlfriend Getaways

by | Sep 27, 2021 | FTM Travel Info

When my high school friends and I took our first trip to Las Vegas in 2002 for a bachelorette party, never in a million years did we think when we said, “We should do this every year!” that we would keep up the tradition!  But here we are, 20 years later with 19 trips together (we missed one year due to Covid) and countless laughs and memories!  Through weddings, children and life changing events, these trips have been our constant.  We live across the country: Phoenix, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Des Moines and Augusta, so we have to travel to see each other anyway!  Why not make a fabulous trip out of it?

We were just wee babes in 2002 on our first trip to Vegas

Choosing where to go each year can be difficult!  There have been times when it was easy and we all agreed immediately, and there have been times when we had to rank our options and choose the one that everyone ranked the highest!  There have been trips that we wish we could bottle up and stay forever and trips where we were ready to head home after a fun time. We now keep a running list that we put together on our last trip in 2019 and we’ll be checking that list off for years to come!  While our vacation desires have changed over the years, we always remain committed to each other and what our annual trip does to feed our souls.  

We recreated our original trip in 2016 when we returned to Vegas to see Britney Spears!

Girlfriend Getaways (or Guys Getaways) give you the opportunity to just be you for a few days with no responsibilities.  A break from the day to day grind gives us the space to be totally present in life’s most precious moments.  You’re allowed to stop and just enjoy the company of your treasured friends.  Our favorite activities have included simply watching House Hunters for hours in our Air BnB, horseback riding in Colorado in the fall with the Aspen leaves falling around us or dancing and singing until the wee hours of the morning at clubs in Savannah or Nashville!  Even in the quietest moments, there is never a dull moment with your besties!

Our trip to Napa/San Francisco was a particular favorite!

In a few weeks, we’ll be heading to Palm Springs for a nice long weekend!  This is a trip we’ve all wanted to do for a while and we’re so excited this is happening this year!  Other destinations on our list: Charleston, Vancouver/Seattle, New York City, Montana, Mexico, Asheville and (of course) Disney World for the Food & Wine Festival!  We count ourselves lucky to have each other and the ability to meet up once a year and reconnect with our dearest friends and laugh our hearts out!

I would LOVE to help you coordinate your next Girls or Guys Getaway – wherever you may want to go.  The logistics can be difficult, but I’m here to help you navigate it all!  Please reach out to me at or 319.240.7987 to get started on your next adventure!