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Meet Jami Hill

owner, FTM Travel

I have always heard you should go into business doing what you love.

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I have always heard you should go into business doing what you love! Well, for me that has always been travel. I love, love, LOVE traveling and think, talk, dream, and read about vacations all day in every way. Turning planning my family trips into planning for others has become my life’s passion. 

If time invested is proof of passion, my heart is at the front of Cinderella Castle. Traveling to Disney Destinations over 70 times to date has taken me far beyond Florida! Oh yes; I’ve stayed there, eaten there, ridden it, seen it, and can tell you all about it. I’ve also sailed the Mediterranean and the Danube, Adventured in Costa Rica and the Grand Canyon, walked in Walt’s footsteps in California, and sailed throughout the Caribbean.  I have always been a planner as planning is half the fun of a trip! 

My family has supported my dream as Christy and I have expanded our business over the years.  Now, travel is business, business is travel and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I choose my own vacations based on what might assist my clients’ future travel plans.  Right now, I am enjoying Europe as time allows as there are so many ways to see the countries there! I would go to Hawaii, many All-Inclusives in the Caribbean or Mexico, or cruise the world any day.

Meet Christy Shadday

owner, FTM Travel

I have found my dream career as a travel advisor.

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I have found my dream career as a travel advisor and couldn’t be more thankful! When I reflect on the path that brought me here, I can clearly see how each step brought me closer to FTM Travel. My first career was as an educator. I use my experience in planning, educating, and organizing to assist my clients today. Throw in my passion for travel and adventure and the picture is complete!

Memories with my family are what I treasure most and I am passionate about helping my clients create unforgettable moments with their own families! I treat every vacation as if it were my own and I am honored every time someone reaches out to me to assist with their trip.

Over the years, travel has become an integral part of my life. I look forward to time away with my family and I revel in adventures with my friends!  When planning a trip, I view it through the eyes of my clients and use my personal and professional experience to ensure they have the best trip possible!

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