Memories that Last a Lifetime

by | Sep 3, 2021 | FTM Travel Info

My family went on our first Walt Disney World trip in 2014. I had 2 very young boys and was pregnant with our 3rd child. We were new to the world of Disney & there was one mistake I still regret making: not purchasing Memory Maker. 

You see, I loved taking pictures. I documented our lives a lot & actually used to blog about it! I thought there was no need to pay for pictures when I could take them myself. Want to know what I did? I brought my huge DSLR camera to Disney World. I lugged that thing through the parks, 7 months pregnant, while chasing two small toddlers around. What do I have to show for it? Not very many good pictures, that’s what! 

I wish I was kidding, but truly, we don’t have a single good family picture from that trip. It’s also not fun to ask strangers to take your pictures. Especially when they do not know how to work your big fancy camera, right?! 

So, let me say that we have been back to Disney World MANY times since then and I will never travel again without Memory Maker. Here are some things I love about it! 

  • Disney PhotoPass photographers are ALL over the parks. You can even find their locations using the My Disney Experience app! You can get pictures in all of the iconic Disney World locations: Main Street USA, in front of Cinderella’s Castle, by the Tree of Life, in front of the Tower of Terror, and so much more. 
  • The PhotoPass photographers are wonderful. They do not rush you to get the picture. In fact, they always take a bunch so that you can make sure you have at least one picture that you love! 
  • You can get the well known Magic Shots! Disney PhotoPass photographers are known for adding a little pixie dust to your pictures to create magical memories. 
  • Ride pictures! Memory Maker includes all of your ride pictures & those always end up being some of my favorites! 

So how does Memory Maker work? We can add it to your Walt Disney World vacation package and you will have access to ALL of your photos. Once a Disney PhotoPass photographer takes your picture, it will be linked directly to your My Disney Experience account. You can download and print these pictures to your heart’s desire. Did I mention they are professional quality pictures?? That makes it even better! Now it really depends on if you actually stop to take pictures, but if you take advantage of those awesome PhotoPass photographers, Memory Maker is 100% worth it! 

We already know that Walt Disney World vacations create memories that will last a lifetime. Why not have the pictures to help you remember the magic??