Surprise Your Kids with Disney World!

by | Apr 3, 2023 | FTM Travel Info

Have you ever surprised your kids with a trip?  I have done this on a couple of occasions and these trips are ones that I will always remember.  On one particular trip, we decided not to tell our son we were heading to Disney until that morning.  We told him we were going to visit the zoo about an hour away from our house.  The morning of our trip we had planned to get our luggage in the car before we woke him up.  Well, surprise, he woke up early and our luggage was in the hallway! Thankfully he didn’t ask why we had luggage out and we quickly thought to tell him that we decided to spend the night and to get ready to go.  When he finished brushing his teeth I told him to put his toothbrush in the suitcase.  I had a small suitcase sitting out for him and when he opened it out came a balloon that had a note that we were heading to Disney.  Needless to say, he was excited!

I have helped clients think of other ideas as well.  Some of the ideas have been to surprise kids with a birthday or Christmas gift.  I had the privilege to help with a scavenger hunt and the family gave the kids clues that lead to the final surprise—a puzzle that revealed the trip.  Another idea is to give the kids a letter every week with clues about where they are going.

Whatever your method of surprising your kids with their vacation, you make special memories that will last a lifetime.  Time goes so fast and before you know it, your kids will be grown and out on their own.  Make the most of your time with them.