What’s in My Bag

by | Dec 18, 2020 | FTM Travel Info

I am not always the most efficient packer when it comes to prepping for a vacation. However, when it comes to prepping & packing for a Disney vacation, I feel like I have it down to a science! As a mom who has vacationed at Disney World many, many times, I feel like I have truly figured out the art of packing my “park bag” and deciding which things we really need and which things we do not need. 2020 has changed many things & it has definitely changed some of the things that I will bring in my bag to Disney World! Whether you have your next trip scheduled or you are still waiting for the perfect time, bookmark this so you can see what to bring with you!

The first must-have item for my trip is my trusty backpack!

You will want something to store your things in that is big enough to comfortably hold everything. Trust me on this, you don’t want to bring a small purse and play tetris every time you open it up for something! I use a backpack that has 2 pockets & little organizing compartments inside. If you are wanting a themed one for your special trip, Disney has you covered

Now, let’s get into the more important stuff. What’s on the inside of my bag? 

For Staying Sanitized & Safe:

I am definitely going to be packing a variety of masks! Make sure everyone in your group has 1 to wear but I would also recommend packing an extra cloth one or even several disposable masks. When it is warm, your mask is going to be sweaty & it will be nice to change it out during the day! The parks will have lots of hand sanitizing stations, but pack your own, too. I also bring a small pack of sanitizing wipes. These are great if you need to wipe hands OR a surface. Two things I have struggled with this year because of all the extra hand washing & mask wearing is dry skin and chapped lips. I always, always have a small lotion and chapstick on hand!

For When You’re Thirsty:

Yes, you can buy drinks in the parks. But, did you know that ice water in the parks is free? We always bring our own drink containers so that we can refill them during the day with ice water. Insulated cups with lids that don’t leak will be a lifesaver–especially on a hot day! Disney World also uses paper straws. These are great because we all want to keep our Earth clean, however, if you aren’t crazy about these, we have a solution. You can purchase reusable straws (silicone or metal) and bring those with you! 

For When You’re Hungry:

It never fails. I can offer my kids a Mickey Bar or a Dole Whip, but do you know what they want instead? GOLDFISH. Every time. We do love some Disney snacks, but I have come to learn that kids also just really want what they know they love. My kids love their snacks so I always bring some of my own to have on hand! Pro tip: make sure you bring things that won’t melt. I like to buy the individual snack bags of goldfish, pretzels, etc. Also, a small ziploc of suckers can be a game changer when you are waiting in a line or waiting for a show to begin! Gum is also a necessity these days when you are wearing your mask a lot during the day. Fresh breath makes everyone happy, right??

For When You’re Hot:

**this will be for your spring, summer, and early fall trips mostly!  You can certainly buy a misting fan in the parks, but if you want to save a few bucks, purchase your own and bring it with you! I always bring a misting fan and at least 1 pocket fan. Make sure you pack extra batteries, too! Cooling Towels can also be wonderful. You can store them in a large ziploc bag & get them wet when you’re feeling hot. We have these and they are great! 

For When It Rains:

If you are traveling to Florida, you have to be prepared for rain. Pack ponchos for your entire family. If you have a stroller without a dedicated rain cover, pack extra ponchos for the stroller! You can buy lots of ponchos at the Dollar Store or Amazon!

Other Necessities:

In the small part of my bag, I keep small bags of other items we may need. I always have a small bag with sunscreen & chapstick. I also always carry a small first aid kit AND medicine. One other really important thing on my list is our portable phone charger. You will be on your phone a lot using the My Disney Experience app & taking pictures and that will zap your battery. Having a portable charger is super helpful! 

Check, Double Check, and then Check Again:

Make sure you always have your Magic Bands with you! This is something I always pack in my carry-on bag so that we can slide them on as soon as we arrive at the airport in Orlando. The wonderful thing about a Disney vacation is that your Magic Band is also your credit card, so you don’t need your wallet! 

Packing your park bag can be just as important as packing your suitcase when you are traveling to Walt Disney World. I hope this list helps you as you get ready for your next vacation!