Why Work With a Travel Advisor?

It’s pretty simple, right? Booking sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp provide plenty of information about most destinations around the globe—so why work with a travel agent? Here are some basic facts about our industry that might make your life easier.

Your time is valuable.

Your days and nights are full! Vacation time begins with hours and days of planning time before you travel as well as the time you’ll spend traveling! We’ve already done the research; let us save you those hours and days of planning and get you to the confident excitement of vacation anticipation!! 

We always begin with your goals and your dreams.

We match what you want with our years of travel industry experience. As we listen to your goals and dreams, we begin to target perfect vacation ideas for you. Next, we present options created just for you. Facts and figures are part of the plan, but we want you to picture yourself there, so we’ll share as many descriptions and experiences as you’d like about what we’ve created for you.  

We have connections.

A good travel advisor knows the destination, or knows someone who does! At FTM Travel, we travel, too, so we can describe the service, hospitality, smells, and tastes.  Want to know if the sheets are soft at a particular resort? If we haven’t slept there, we know someone who has and will find out for you! Our travel network connections run deep and wide. 

We’re comprehensive.

Our kind, caring agents are trained to walk through the planning process and guide you from booking to departure day! Building a trust relationship with each client is one of the best parts of our job.

That means you’ll be working with a real human being, a dedicated member of our fabulous Team, someone who will add value to what you can click and book yourself.

We have dreams, too!

Our business runs on your satisfaction—we rely on your trust and strive to enjoy a lifetime relationship with you. Referrals are our lifeline, so our job is to bring you our best service every day. 

We do what we love and love what we do.

We don’t work on our cars, fix our gutters, or color our hair—someone else does it all day, every day and loves what they do. 

Us? We love planning vacations. If we aren’t planning one for our own families, we want to plan a trip for yours. 

So where do you want to go? We are here to help. Let us save you time and money, and we’ll take your stress away too! 

Create vacation memories. You’ll never regret it.